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Frequently Asked Questions


Take a look at some of the frequently asked questions


1.Can I switch multiple business utilities at the same time?

You can switch multiple utilities with our switching service. We’ve helped over 1000+ UK businesses save on their Energy, Water, Gas and Broadband.

We’re proud to be the UK’s favorite business utility marketplace.

2.How much can I save on my business utility bills?

The amount varies depending on your usage, current contract, utility and current prices in the market. However, our customers have historically saved up to 20% on their energy, water and Gas monthly bills. 

You should get a quote on your required business utility for an accurate price.

3.How does switching business utilities work?

For most of our business utilities, you will get an instant price online and can even switch in a matter of minutes. Some of our services will require some further information, and one of our experts may need to call you. We’re here to help your business save money and will take care of the entire switching process. 

4.Who are the cheapest business utility providers?

As prices and the market changes every day, this is impossible to say. One provider may be the cheapest one day, and one of the more expensive deals the next day. For a live view of pricing, it is better to visit our home page and find latest price table and with the passage of time we will update it.  

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